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English Language Programs

The mission of Midwest Education Group’s English Language Learning programs is to provide the most scientifically-based language learning services to connect cross-culturally with individuals and to help them pursue successfully their communication goals. Our objective is to maximize a language learner’s learning potential by tailoring the program structures, curriculum, syllabi, and lesson plans to meet their learning styles, needs, and goals in an optimal time.

Difference at MEG

At Midwest Education Group (MEG) we understand the most immediate academic, vocational, and specific career needs of students. Therefore, we tailor our curriculum to meet the widest variety of learning styles, needs, and goals.

All training sections can be scheduled for individual students at home, at your office, or at Midwest Education Group facilities. Our teachers and professional trainers will design your academic or communication courses that work best for your learning pace, styles, and needs. We strictly focus on hiring professionals who not only have degrees and experience in teaching ESL but also have great passion toward helping others succeed. They have at least a B.A. or a M.A in teaching ESL. At MEG, PhDs or Doctoral Degree personnel who have mastered the science of second language acquisition and teaching methodologies will develop learner-centered curricula and tailored syllabi to meet your needs.

As a group of professors in the field of ESL, MEG is a growing company that helps students, business, and executives to achieve their goals and accelerate their communicative influence.

If you are a high school student, a full time employee, or military personnel who seeks a flexible schedule, join us at Midwest Education Group and experience for yourself the most scientific and customer-based educational program with an English language learning program built to meet you personal needs.

1. Flexible schedule

MEG can provide small group instructions, one-on-one tutoring, homework help, improvement of language skills, and test preparations in your convenient location, at home, office, or at our facilities, at the time schedule of your choice.

2. Learner-Centered Approach

When a student enters our program, he or she will receive a thorough learning needs analysis. Our professionals, teachers, and administrative support will build an individual learning plan with specific learning goals/objectives and with specific teaching action/strategies to help you maximize your learning potential.

3. Highly Qualified Instructors

MEG trainers all have degrees or are certified in teaching ESL. They are professionals who have years of experience and strong passion for teaching English language to non-native speakers. We strictly focus on hiring professionals who do not only have degrees and experience in teaching ESL but also have a strong passion toward helping others succeed. They have at least a Bachelor Degree; many instructors have a Master’s Degree. Our company leaders are Doctoral Degree holders in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. At MEG, you will have terminal-degree holders and professionals who have years of experience and have mastered the science of second language acquisition and teaching methodologies. Our professionals and well-trained instructors will develop learner-centered curricula and syllabi to build specific lesson plans, choosing the most appropriate teaching strategies to meet your needs.

4. Personalized Training

Each student who enters our program will be assigned a student management team including an instructor, an administrative support, and an academic or vocational advisor who will work with the student to build the lessons targeting their needs and goals as well as their personal schedule needs.

5. Student’s Satisfactions

To assure the highest customer’s satisfactions, our student management team will monitor your learning progress to adjust the teaching materials, approaches, and styles. To assure the quality of our services, we closely monitor your learning progress and use it as teacher evaluation standards. In order to evaluate teacher quality, we take seriously the student’s feedback because we want your voice to be exclusively included in our services.

6. Socio-Cultural Linguistic Development

In addition to developing language skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking, MEG explores the socio-cultural aspects of English to prepare our students for daily communication needs to meet their academic expectations or workplace requirements. Our instructors will employ different teaching techniques such as role-plays, simulations, problem solving activities to create an authentic language environment in which the socio-cultural aspects of English is demonstrated, for the students to practice English in meaningful, purposeful, and professional ways.

7. Friendly and Supportive Learning Environment

The difference you will find in our program is the friendly and supportive learning climate that you have never experienced before because we guarantee your satisfaction. And our only drive is your satisfaction and success.

8. Free Online ESL/EFL Learning Account

We understand the need of continuously being exposed to the target language environment in order for the language acquisition process to occur and continue. Each learner joins our ESL/EFL programs will be able to access their 24/7 online account to practice the language skills outside the classroom. The online language learning will work in conjunction with the on-campus lesson plans that will help the learners learn the language in a systematic way for better and successful potential.

9. Teaching Assistant

Different from other language teaching programs, MEG takes seriously the need to practice language outside the classroom. We highly value homework assignments and follow-up activities. Our teaching assistants will work with the main classroom instructors to assist learners with their homework assignments. Teaching assistance team will monitor the learning progress by conducting formative and summative assessments or evaluations. Their reports to classroom instructors will help them adjust their lesson plans and teaching strategies to effectively address the learner’s needs and learning goals or to address in a timely manner any arising issues related to the learner’s learning progress.

English Language Learners

Do you want to improve your English communicative skills to accelerate your academics and to have greater impact for your career goals? Are you tired of general English language courses taught by tourists?

Learning English with Midwest Education Group is effective and convenient! We offer customized language courses to students, executives, and professionals who have basic, intermediate, or advanced English language levels.

Each English course is taught one-on-one or in small groups. Content is fully tailored to meet your academic needs or career expectations, incorporating vocabulary and language structures specific to your communication goals. We teach you what should be important to you and what you need to accomplish to succeed.

Learning English should be flexible to accommodate your busy schedule, and this is what we do at MEG! Your course hours are set to accommodate your schedule, and the location is based on your individual preferences (your office, workplace, or at a Midwest Education Group facility).

Visit the following links to see which English course applies to you or your children. Remember, each course will be customized to your needs and requirements.

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