Taking the TESOL Course was one of the worthwhile experiences in my life. It was an interesting course and I have learned a lot about myself in the process. It was well structured and was very effective in improving my teaching skills. The course covered the fields essential for me as a teacher. We discussed a lot of important things like teaching methods, approaches, teaching styles, lesson plans, student motivation and what not! Now I realize how much I did not know, I think it is a good thing.

Dr.Chau,is the sweetest person and a real professional, devoted, enthusiastic and tireless. She helped to provide a really warm and effective environment was very helpful and understanding and she promised to come back). The course will really help me to succeed in my career, to learn more and grow professionally. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning and preparing for TESOL.

Nino Mamageishvili

 I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Midwest Educational Group for their professional support .It was a good opportunity for us to get acquainted with contemporary methods and techniques of assessing students knowledge. All the aspects of the training were good. I cannot single out any of them.

In Georgia the training was conducted by Dr.Tien Chau and Dr.Hari Menon, and We were ready to be introduced to fresh ideas on teaching English coupled with effective and enjoyable learning activities.They shared their energy with us and all the teachers were excited to work with them.

I believe this one step will become the giant step in our friendship and in our professional development in the future.

Thank you Dr. Chau and Dr.Menon for being the most special, brilliant, energetic and creative teachers!!.

Marika Goginashvil


There are many different agencies that find you a job teaching English abroad but no one can beat Midwest Education Group. They will immediately find you a job abroad almost anywhere in the world and within few weeks you are ready to fly. Personally, I would recommend Midwest Education for anyone looking to work abroad for short term or long term. I was interviewing with about 4 different agencies and I chose Midwest Education Group because they were true to their word and landed me a job in less than a week. I must admit the communication was simply excellent. Dr. Tien and her staff answered my questions through email in less than 10 minutes. I am currently working in city of Hail Saudi Arabia only 6 hours a day 5 days a week and chilling………. Thanks to Midwest Education Group for helping me launch my career as an English teacher!!

Wazir Mohammed


My instructor, Dr. Chau was helpful throughout the course. Their TESOL motivated me and my students and my instructor was so energetic, supportive and had a sense of humor. The instructors at MEG are very helpful and always ready to have discussion with the students.Midwest has the best reputation for TESOL, ESL, TEFL, E.T.C. it has been ranked the best online program. The course and classrooms are extremely dynamic , creative and instructive ideas for your teaching.

My course was {150 TESOL NEW COURSE} which was essential for complete teaching. It has provided me a strong framework and support system that has enabled me to think critically. This ability has empowered me to formulate a more inclusive teaching view, igniting a passion for social change and aspects of my teaching skills. Midwest Education Group is an online program that helps you understand teaching better; it is a perfect complement for you to help understand the method of teaching. As long as you take time to help yourself. Midwest will definitely help you and your students in class.I would recommend Midwest to a friend it was really easy to understand, helped me to be prepared for my class.

The material was well organized and it’s helped me on the teaching techniques.

Angela Yasa

 “I met Dr. Tien and Midwest Education Group in June/July 2012 when I was looking for a new contract to teach English.  Tien was very knowledgeable and diligent, wasting no time in connecting me with an employer in China.  Between the time I first e-mailed Dr. Tien, to the time I received a reply was simply a matter of minutes.  She immediately connected me with people in …China who began their own recruitment & interviewing process. Dr. Tien is extremely conscientious and well-connected in finding employment for English Teachers anywhere in the world and at anytime.  I have the greatest confidence in Dr. Tien and in MidWest Education Group to find the best English Teaching Position(s) available anywhere on the planet.  Please contact Dr. Tien (chauthuytien@gmail.com )and experience the professional difference in dealing with her and the other qualified members within her network at MidWest Education Group.  You will be very, very happy that you did”
Paul Pace
I am glad I chose to get my TESOL Certification through Midwest Education Group. They have taught me all the things necessary to teach ESL around the world. I have been teaching in China for 2 years now. Once I decided to teach ESL I realized that a certification is quite important in more ways than one. Also M.E.G. was very helpful with getting my next job. This made my life much easier and gave me the freedom to choose where I want to teach in the future. Best of all, if I ever have any questions Tien is very helpful and replies in a timely manner. I thank M.E.G. for helping me reach my goals as a certified ESL teacher.

Kevin Leach

MEG is not one of the big internet schools you will find at the top of your search, but they should be. You cannot find a school that puts more heart into their program or success for their students. When you have finished your certification it’s time to go into the real world and MEG will guide you in the direction you want to go. It is my experience that Dr. Chau and her staff will do everything they can to connect you with the good organizations so you will be successful. I had many years doing corporate and company training but never in a school as a teacher. You are never sure what you will get your first day. I can honestly say I was treated like a rock star on my first teaching assignment in Can tho, Vietnam, thanks to MEG!

Midwest Education Group(MEG) has been completely accessible to me when other organizations won’t return your call. I have stayed in touch with Dr.Chau through out my travels in Asia. If you are interested in getting your TESOL certification and teaching abroad, give MEG a call, you will be happy you did.

Rick Plautz, One of MEG’s Teachers

Teaching ESL in Chau Doc, Vietnam was incredibly rewarding.  I was particularly interested in work outside of a large urban center and found Chau Doc offered me the perfect mix of a comfortable/safe living arrangement and an authentic cultural experience.  While the practicum offers a very modest stipend, getting the hours is important, almost anything you’ll need is incredibly cheap and the experience you’ll have with the people is PRICELESS! Working and teaching in Nhat Tan Hospital gave me the opportunity to develop a lot of great relationships with the hospital staff.  I was invited  to birthdays, weddings and other special events by everyone from Orderlies, Nurses, Doctors and the Executive Director.   I shared meals and trips to some of the best sights in the region with people who were kind and interested enough to be my guides after working hours.

From the start, you’ll have a large network and community at the hospital to help you with literally anything you could possibly need. I can’t say enough good things about the immersive and truly authentic experience of living and working in Chau Doc. If you’re thinking of teaching in Chau Doc, feel free to contact me for more about my experience and tips. However, you’ll have to find go yourself to fully grasp what an amazing opportunity it is to be there!

Kim Cao

Midwest Education Group has helped me start my career as an educator and prepare me for the work place with their TESOL program. The education I received has helped me better reach my students in the classroom with the various teaching methodologies introduced in the program. The TESOL Certification has opened a slew of doors for me to kick-start my career.

During the program, the professors are always there to give each student personal feedback and monitor their progress throughout the process. In the end, you will leave the program hungry to apply your knowledge in the classroom, the education you again will be life-long. You can’t go wrong with MEG for completing your TESOL Certification!



As a former student at Midwest Education Group (MEG) I had the opportunity to become a certified TESOL teacher online but with the live support from the staff at MEG by phone, email, Skype,and on Facebook as well. My questions were answered within a 24 hour period either by phone or email. The course is taught one-on-one or in small groups. MEG made sure that the content was customized to meet my academic needs or career opportunity, incorporating vocabulary and language structures specific to my communication goals. Midwest Education Group made it very easy for me to register for the course and worked within my budget till the cost of the tuition was paid without any pressure.

As soon I completed the course the staff at MEG worked with me in obtaining a position as a TESOL teacher. You can be assured that the MEG staff will do their best to get you a job as TESOL teacher or an internship while you are looking for a position. I would certainly recommend Midwest Education Group as a reputable school to learn English or to become a certified TESOL instructor.

Maxime Darbouze, Our TESOL Certified Teacher

I received my TESOL certification through Midwest Education Group, prior to enrolling in the course I must admit, I obliviously lacked the knowhow when it came to teaching ESL students. I didn’t know how to properly teach them a language without having the ability to speak the student’s mother language. Throughout the course I gained a thorough understanding on how to teach ESL students and I have been able to apply the methods learned, while working in Shanghai. MEG’s course, staff, and placement resources have definitely exceeded my expectations.

Dennis Bridgeforth

I found TESOL course through the Internet and joined Midwest Education Group(BBB accredited). Midwest Education Group provided me with a very good program, an excellent mix of theory and demonstration. The staff was professional, accurate, helpful and also friendly. I recommend strongly Midwest Education Group to new graduates or non-certified teachers who are aspiring a long successful teaching career!!

Said Laouam, One of MEG’s Teachers

February 12, 2012

I was laid-off my job, and also knew I desired a new career. I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I investigated TESOL schools, and took a serious look at a few. After seeing which school had the best teaching methods, format, and helpfulness, I chose Midwest Education Group. It was clearly the correct decision.

Midwest Education Group gave me the skills to become a new and good ESL teacher, and here are a few reasons why:

  • They made me work hard, yet the challenging assignments taught me fantastic methods so I am able to create quality lesson plans
  • They kept in constant contact with me, and made sure I was completing my assignments correctly, and I often had conversations with them when I needed help. I still keep in contact with Dr. Chau on a regular basis. She absolutely encouraged me when I completed my assignments correctly, and taught me step-by-step, on how to correct my mistakes to become a better teacher
  • The material, in regards to getting one prepared to teach excellent lessons, is easy to understand, yet in-depth. I use what I learned from Midwest Education Group in every individual lesson I teach to my students.
  • MEG will contact you quickly, if one ever has a question about any material or teaching techniques that will make any teacher a successful teacher
  • I have kept, and often refer, to all of the teaching strategies they taught me, which in turn helps me be a creative, fun, yet patient teacher. These strategies have allowed my students to learn English in fun and demanding ways. Is this not the key to being a quality teacher, by passing one’s knowledge to his or her students?
  • I had good jobs in the United States of America, but after going through the program and doing what I finally enjoy, I would choose and do MEG’s program instantly
  • I now have a great job in China, and have made many good contacts, so if I choose to pursue another school or teach a different age group, I have these opportunities. Anyone who chooses to go through MEG’s program will probably have these advantages as well.
  • Thank you, Midwest Education Group, for giving me and many other graduates the skills and guidance we needed and need to become excellent ESL teachers.


John D. Athan

Teaching in Vietnam has been a growing experience. There’s no equivalent substitution for waking up to the sound of morning vendors getting an early start, the sight of a million scooters weaving around in anarchy, or the play on your taste buds when you bite into a juxtaposition of textures.

Teaching can be scary, but after standing on the other side of the classroom, watching the students progress, it becomes rewarding. I was terribly shy before my move, and this definitely helped. Teaching tests your creativity, your ability to detect problems and devise exercises to attack these shortcomings, the persistence, it’s something everyone should try.

I was quite reserved before my initial move. I often wondered whether I could adapt or fully appreciate the experience. I’m glad I did, though. Living abroad provides you a chance to travel, discover, and challenge yourself everyday. Coming from California, it took rather long to get anywhere new, as cities within the state could still be hours away. Here, you could travel neighboring countries in the matter of hours – amok for an early breakfast in Phnom Penh, bánh xèo in Saigon for lunch.

I highly encourage anyone who considers teaching abroad as a career path, to do so wholeheartedly. There’s nothing like it.

Dan Vo


Omar BamaoesI am very grateful to the course providers for they gave me the great opportunity to revise my teaching materials, concepts, methodologies, and effective lesson plans. It was a comprehensive course, a bit challenging, but at the end, it had a rewarding experience. The course drew my attention to make the class more interesting and student-centered. It was my pleasure to take the course with the Midwest Education Group (MEG), who is highly dynamic and specialized in the area of study on a global platform.

Omar Bamaoes

img_georgeI began the course with the expectation that upon completion of the course, I would be better equipped to teach English to a foreign audience. This course has done that and more. Through the content and instruction provided by this course, I have learned an immense amount, increased my interest in teaching, and amplified my interest of interacting with new cultures. The course content was very comprehensive, covering a diverse array of topics ranging from teaching styles, to language differences, classroom management, as well as lesson planning and time management. The course offered simple but important considerations in the field of teaching that if not addressed, could be overlooked by the novice teacher. Because of the many different approaches and considerations available in this course, I feel that my expectations have been met and exceeded. As well as a strong curriculum, this course was greatly strengthened by excellent instruction. Our teacher Patrice Sheridan displayed a depth of understanding of the content of the course, always made herself available, answering my questions promptly and fully. She showed a genuine interest in my development as a teacher, often giving important feedback as well as encouragement. It is instructors like this that makes a course enjoyable and productive. Without such instruction, this course would be dry and less meaningful as a learning experience. I am deeply grateful for the help that Patrice Sheridan has provided during this class. The class content and instruction has made this class rich as a learning experience, and useful for an aspiring teacher like myself. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to teach English as a second language. It will prepare you well for the challenges and joys of teaching.

George Guyver